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MIYU icons // icons from mi 2 yu

miyu icon journal

Miyu Icons; Icons from Mi to Yu
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This community is and icon journal, all kind's of graphics made by Lydia [here+here] will be posted. Such as; icon's, banner's, colourbars etc.

Community is public, but comments and credit are a must.
If you are having trouble with crediting
Here's how;


if you would like to affiliate; just leave a comment on any post.

3x3 eyes, acturus, agent x, ah! my goddess, ai yori aoshi, air, akira, alichino, angel, angel dust, angel sanctuary, angelic layer, appleseed, argento soma, ayashi no ceres, basilisk, bastard, battle, berserk, blame!, bleach, blood, blood+, bloodrayne, bubblegum crisis, captain tsubasa, card captor sakura, cheeky angel, chobits, chrono crusade, clamp, clover, comic party, cowboy bebop, crystal chronicles, death note, digi charat, dnangel, elfien lied, evangelion, excel saga, final fantasy, final fantasy movie, final fantasy xii, flame of recca, fruits basket, full metal alchemist, full metal panic, full moon, fushigi yuugi, galaxy angel, get backers, ghost in the shell, gravitation, gundam, gundam seed, gundam seed destiny, gundam strike, gundam wing, hack sign, hellsing, hikaru no go, howl's moving castle, hunter x hunter, hyper police, ikki tousen, infinite ryvius, initial d, inu-yasha, kiddy grade, kimi ga nozomu eien, king of bandit, lain, lamune, last exile, lodoss, love hina, love witch, loveless, lupin iii, naruto, negima, noir, one piece, onegai teacher, onegai twins, outlaw star, pita ten, pretear, prince of tennis, princess ai, princess nine, puni puni poemi, rage of the dragons, read or die, sailor moon, sakura diaries, sakura wars, samurai 7, samurai champloo, school rumble, scrapped princess, scryed, shaman king, sister princess, slam dunk, slayers, soul taker, special unit army, spirited away, starship operators, steel angel kurumi, tactics, tales of phantasia, tekken, tenchi muyo!, tenjo tenge, the soul taker, to heart, tokyo babylon, transformers, trigun, trinity blood, tsubasa, utena, vampire hunter d, vampire miyu, variable geo, war of genesis iii, witch hunter robin, wolf's rain, x, zetsuai