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This post is for any Request you make have for either;
Layouts, Icons, Graphics.
1) Be honest; If you do not like a layout, icon or graphic that is made for you, you don't have to use it. Don't be fake and tell me you love it when you hate it in reality.
2) Know what you want; It helps alot better if you know what you want.
3) Providing pictures; If you have a particular picture you would like me to use, don't hesitate to ask. If not, I don't mind using some of my own or searching for them.
4) Modifying; I do mind if you modify the layouts, icons or graphics I made. I'd like you to ask me to modify them.
5) Patience; Some things may take time. So please be patient.
please post in this post only for requests

Now that we have that out of the way.
Get requesting!
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you may wanna kill me, but i've always wanted a layout like the one you have.
i've seen people have them and they're so sleek.
so, help? :3

that photo.
you can probably make it a little larger to fit for a header.
f96003 for the color. along with white and black and yah.
haha. o_o
Like the one on my personal journal?
yuss. o_o ahah
I see you found the layout from absonant
Thats all I really used.
As well as here

Unless you wanted me to do it.
sorry if i'm being a bother
haha :[[
Oh no no your not being a bother.
I cant remember if that file had a instruction thing.
I'll fix up all the codes for you and upload it.
It's just that it's style; S2.
and I'm trying to figure out how to explain how it enter it in.
oki ^-^

if you need my login just tell me.
haha yeah, I think that will be alot more easier.
just send it to lydkay@hotmail.com
kk :DDD !!
all done.
What do you think?
it's messed up on one part.
i'll show joo.


10 years ago


10 years ago

I just don't know how to use it. :[
cause I suck at this Lj stuff.
i'm only good with myspace and stuff XD!!

it's all gravy nowww :D
:3 you have a Gravitation moodset!!
:| Luckyyyy
ahaha yuhh ^___^
I saw it and I was like
omfg mine !!
*___* do you have premium?
naw, plus account.
We don't have a credit card.
And it's taking us forever to get one.
:[[[ awwuh
that sucks ass !
i'm sorry.
btw I never asked.
is that miyavi?
To be honest; I'm not completely sure.
But I'm guessing it might be.
haha i think it is.
he has that same piercing.
and like, the only person I know with it.

god he's hot;
lol omg, yeah -drools-
I was wondering if I could request a layout
I'd love to have a layout that's a blend of some images I've found
It's sort of a crossover between Negima and Naruto with Nodoka and Hinata

I'd like to use two these images



or these two



and have sort of a purple/lavender theme with them, maybe a black or white background with purple/lavender aftertones and between them have it say "There's Just Something About The Shy Ones"

If it's just the solo images take the Hinata text out of the Hinata image

If it's the couples cut them out of the background the best you can...unless you think you can come up with a way to incorporate them in a neat way

As for the tags and buttons and such I don't really care as long as I can navagate to my journal page, friends page, so on and so forth

I'm not a picky person so long as it's not really cluttered...if anything else is needed let me know